UJA Inc’s founding father, Mr. Yousuf Shad has developed a national reputation for inventive and inspired travel services for both family and corporate travelers.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

UJA Inc’s travel and tours section is a whole new kind of travel agency. We integrate personal service with our unique resources and proprietary fare search technology to reduce your travel budget by 20-30% and, in the process, give you so much more.

We have saved hundreds of passenger’s thousands of dollars, while at the same time boosting efficiency, freeing up time, and improving traveler morale.

We are a nationwide company with the resources to deliver the savings and service you demand. But we manage our accounts through small, regional offices to insure the personal attention that you deserve.

We are large enough to offer customers a list of global services that match those of the biggest travel agency chains, yet we are also small enough that every single customer receives personalized attention and service.

UJA’s traveling software gives you access to every fare. Most travel agencies and web sites rely on a single system for all of their fares and flight inventory. We don't think that's good enough so we've spent years building our own booking platform that links to multiple distribution systems and, among other things, gives you access to "low cost" airlines that other systems have no or limited (i.e. more expensive) access to. Our quality assurance technology continuously checks for the best flight schedules, best seat selections, lowest fares, upgrades and more.

In today’s travel industry, fares and rates change constantly and vary wildly depending on where and how you purchase. Most companies simply don’t have the time or the tools to keep track of it all and, as a result, they fail to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that exist to lower costs.

UJA’s professional travel agents average over 11 years experience planning travel of all types. We at UJA listen closely and utilize their own travel experiences and partnerships to create a quality, personalized travel experience just for you, with the goal of creating memories to last a lifetime.

When you book your travel with UJA Inc Travel and Tours, you get the very best of both worlds. Our commitment, experience and local presence - plus - the same resources, programs and buying power of even the largest travel management companies. Let us show you how good travel can be. To learn more about UJA's Travel and Tours experience, please call us today at (201) 451-7817 or send an e-mail to