Risk Assessment & Auditing

UJA Inc’s Independent Risk Review, Assessment & Auditing procedures focus to and of the audit process on those areas that are most at peril of material misstatement.

Our procedures are designed to facilitate management’s ability to identify, assess and manage the organizational risks that affect their ability to accomplish objectives. We utilize facilitated risk and control self-assessment techniques to help management understand the relationships between objectives, risks and control activities.

Our Risk Assessment Standards establish fact-based findings which further provide guidance concerning the auditor’s assessment of the risks and of material misstatement in financial statements; and our unique agility brings performance of audit procedures whose nature, timing, and extent are responsive to the assessed risks and areas requiring attentive measures. Many companies continue to struggle with effective and efficient execution of the Risk Assessment Standards.

Our Services include; (1) Financial, Operational and/or Compliance Audits (BSA/ AML) (2) Information Technology Audits (3) Internal Control Reviews

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