ID Verification Solutions

UJA Inc’s Real-time identity verification and compliance solutions are specifically designed for the Financial Services Industry. We offer a comprehensive approach to IT/ GLB and FFIEC Compliance, USA PATRIOT Act/ AML & Red Flags Rule.

Solution Services:
When evaluating a new customer, it’s a two-step process. Without proper authentication and verification, you may face compliance challenges and financial losses. UJA Inc’s solution leverage’s the unique cross-industry blend of traditional and alternative data to help you know your customer better; this is the first step to knowing your customer.
Verification of individual’s name, address, telephone number, date of birth, Driver’s License and Social Security Number are all vital to knowing your customer; UJA presents and provides a suite of ID verification tools which include Real-time Automated knowledge-based Authentication Factors; Validation with locale location; Verification of submitted data and all can be implemented as an additional layer of security to assure & reassure your customer is who they say they are along with a risk matrix.
UJA Inc is the only vendor providing such a service at a cost effective solution which offers extensive ID validation which fits into your security-risk profile requirements and helps you meet your unique ID and user validation needs.
Our process uses a range of technologies: algorithms, image forensics and holistic views of risk so one can identify threats to further detect anomalies and ensure that an ID and provided details are legitimate and hasn’t been manipulated. Our comprehensive ID verification is typically completed in about 60 seconds, providing you with the security assurance you need, and the anytime, anywhere needs of your end users

UJA Inc validates and extracts info from IDs at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. We eliminate the costs of manual document handling.

Watch List Screening
Driver's License Verification
SSN Verification

Consent Based SSN Verification matches an applicant’s personal identifiers directly to the Social Security Administration (SSA) Master File and Death Index. This is the only search that verifies the SSN is both valid and belongs to the name submitted with the request
This search further prevents applicants from providing fraudulent Social Security Numbers, including those of the deceased.

Residential Address Verification
Residential Address Locality Verification with demographic data
Phone Verification
ID Verification

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